Sunday, March 23, 2014

5 reasons you NEED to watch Baby Daddy

If you are looking for a fun new show to watch, Baby Daddy is what you've been looking for this whole time. This sitcom starts with Ben, a guy in his twenties who finds a little baby girl (his daughter from some one night stand) at his doorstep. Baby Daddy is light, funny, and takes your mind of things. It has the perfect amount of cuteness, sexiness, and funniness, here is why : 

1. Emma (aka the most adooooorable baby on earth !)

2. Derek Theler's ABS
(and face, and arms, and ... Let's face it, he has the physique of a greek god)

Need I say more?
I didn't think so ;)

3. Derek Theler's abs Tucker (Really, he is HILARIOUS) 

4. Danny's not so secret crush for Riley

The whole will they won't they thing is so cute to watch

5. It's one of the funniest 20min escapes I can think of

If you are like me, a sucker for a good sitcom, you are going to love it. Xxx

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