Saturday, March 15, 2014

OPI or Essie?


Hands down, the winner is OPI ! Why, you ask?

1. Lasting power : OPI nail polishes last way longer than Essie ONES on your nails. Essie nail polishes start chipping after 2 or 3 days, whereas OPI polishes start chipping after 5 days (for me anyways).

PS : I use the Essie blue Base coat and the Sèche vite Top coat (best top coat evaa')

2. Longevity : OPI nail polishes last longer in terms of 'life expanctancy'. For example, OPI's base coat lasted me for a year and a half and Essie's lasted me 8 months. Event though they both hold the same amount of polish (15mL / 0.5 FL Oz). Yes, I know, OPI polishes look like they hold more !

3. Consistancy : Essie nail polishes are thicker and get gloppy way faster than the OPI ones. So when you apply Essie polishes, the coats are thicker, and it is not pretty. Plus, it explains why OPI polishes last longer.

4. Consistancy AGAIN : Since Essie polishes are thicker, when you apply 2 coats they are not always homogeneous, and it ruins your perfect mani :(.

5. Brush : Since I have quite big nails, OPI's brush suits me best. Nail polish is way easier to apply when you have the appropriate brush.

I hope this post was useful ! xxxx

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